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Every fragrances is different and creates different moods. We tell more about our fragrances here and this knowledge witll help you to choose fragrances easier for your spaces. Have a good reading!
  • ODORO MOOD packaging won silver at NAPA Baltic 2019
    ODORO MOOD packaging won silver at NAPA Baltic 2019

    Great news for ODORO brand: packaging design of ODORO MOOD home fragrances has been awarded silver at the NAPA Baltic 2019 Awards. These are annual awards of the best packaging design solutions within Baltic and Nordic countries. The NAPA Baltic Packaging Design Awards ceremony is held along with an exhibition of the selected best work.

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  • Ambra - oriental magic
    Ambra - oriental magic

    Probably anyone who is interested in scents and perfumes has heard of Ambros scent. Also, when you visit a perfume shop, you will definitely recommend the most fashionable fragrances nowadays, which will also often include the luxurious Ambros note. But what really is Ambra and what makes it so special?  

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  • Santal - liquid gold
    Santal - liquid gold

    One of the most mysterious and seductive scents is considered the fragrance of Santal (also called Sandalwood). In the past, it was very popular in Eastern culture, but in modern society it is increasingly popular in the West.Its unique, warm and sweet woody scent has soothing, focused and mood-enhancing qualities.

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