Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions before using this website. 



We reserve the right to modify or withdraw, temporarily or permanently, any part of the website (including prices) without notice and/or change the Conditions and your continued use of this website following such change shall be deemed to be your acceptance of such change. 


For payment processing we chose Paysera Checkout system which allows different payment methods for every EU country including safe credit card payments. Paysera is licensed by Bank of Lithuania electronic money institution. More information about company: https://www.paysera.com/v2/en-GB/about.    


We currently ship to addresses within European union. We have selected DPD as our delivery service for our e-commerce store. More information about  DPD: https://www.dpd.com/group/en/company. Detailed information about shipping and returns is provided in Shipping & returns.


Value Added Tax of 21% will be charged for all purchases from private persons. In case of company purchase please provide all required information and 0% will added in final checkout page.


1. These rules establish the mutual rights, obligations and liability of the person who purchases the goods in the www.odoro-store.com (hereinafter - the Buyer) and UAB "Promo aroma" (hereinafter - the Seller).  

2. Purchase and sale agreement

2.1. The Purchase and Sales Agreement between the Buyer and the Seller shall be deemed to have been concluded from the moment the Buyer has formed a shopping cart, specified delivery address, selected payment method and acquainted with these Terms and Conditions, presses the “Order” button and remains in full compliance with his obligations under this Agreement. In cases where the Buyer does not agree to all or some of the Terms, he must not place an order.

3. Seller's Rights

3.1. If the Buyer attempts to impair the operation or stable operation of the e-shop or violates its obligations, the Seller may, without prior notice, restrict, suspend (terminate) its use of the e-shop and shall not be liable for any related losses of the Buyer.

3.2. The Seller shall have the right to suspend the operation of the Online Store without notice and shall not be liable for any loss of the Buyer related thereafter.

3.3. The Seller shall have the right to unilaterally change these Rules by posting the amended Rules on the website of the e-shop. The amendments shall take effect from the date of publication for all post-trade transactions.

4. Seller Responsibilities

4.1. The Seller undertakes to make every effort to enable the Buyer to properly use the services provided by the e-shop. The Seller makes no warranties that the online shop will operate uninterruptedly or that the data transmission will be error free. The Seller shall not be liable for any loss of the Buyer due to malfunctions of the E-shop and / or data transmission errors.

4.2. The Seller, in the event of material circumstances, being unable to deliver the ordered item to the Buyer, undertakes to offer a similar item, and the Buyer, if refusing to accept the analogue item, shall refund the money paid by the Buyer within 10 business days. In this case, the Seller is released from liability for non-delivery.

4.3. Seller undertakes to comply with other requirements set out in these rules.

5. Buyer Rights

5.1. The Buyer has the right to purchase goods in the e-shop in accordance with these Rules.

5.2. The Buyer (consumer) shall have the right to withdraw from the contract of purchase and sale of goods concluded with the Seller by notifying the Seller thereof in writing within 30 days from the date of delivery of the goods. The Buyer shall have the right to withdraw from the contract of sale and purchase of the goods with the Seller only if the item is of good quality, has not been damaged and has not substantially changed its appearance.

5.3. The Buyer has other rights provided in the Rules and the legal acts applicable in EU.

6. Buyer Responsibilities

6.1. The buyer must pay the price of the goods and their delivery, as well as other payments (if any, at the conclusion of the contract) and accept the ordered goods. The Buyer pays for the goods at odoro-store.com specified payment methods. 

6.2. If the information provided in the Buyer's registration form changes, the Buyer must immediately update it.

6.3. The Buyer must comply with other requirements set forth in the Rules.

7. Joint Liability

7.1. The Buyer is responsible for the correctness of the data provided in the registration form. The Buyer shall be liable for the consequences arising from the erroneous or inaccurate data in the registration form.

7.2. The parties shall be liable for the violation of the contract of sale and purchase concluded using the e-shop in accordance with the procedure established by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

7.3. Having regard to Article 8 of the Law on Electronic Signature of the Republic of Lithuania, Day 3 , the Buyer agrees with the Seller that the confirmation of the Buyer's actions in the e-shop by logging in to the e-shop (identification code) shall be in accordance with Art. 1 day the legal force of the electronic signature (ie it has the same legal force as a signature in written documents and is admissible as a means of proof in court). The Buyer must protect and disclose his / her login to the Online Store, ensure that the data is known only to him / her and used only by him / her, not to transfer it or otherwise make available to other persons access to or use of such data. If you suspect that your credentials may have been accessed by another person, immediately notify the Seller thereof, as well as immediately notify the Seller of any breach or disclosure of the login details of the Online Store. All actions performed using the Buyer Identification Code shall be deemed to have been performed by the Buyer and the Buyer assumes full responsibility for the consequences of such actions.

7.4. The Seller is not responsible for the information provided on the websites of other companies, even if the Buyer accesses these websites via the links in the Seller's e-shop.

7.5. The Seller is not responsible for the fact that the goods displayed in the e-shop do not match their actual size, shape and color due to the characteristics of the display used by the Buyer.

7.6. In the event of damage, the guilty party shall compensate the other party for the direct loss suffered through its fault.

8. Sending of Information

8.1. The Seller shall send all communications and notices for direct marketing purposes to the email address provided on the Buyer Registration Form.

8.1.1. Registered users email Email addresses are automatically assigned for direct marketing purposes and stored in an active database. 

8.2. The Buyer shall send all notices and questions to the Seller at the bottom of the e-shop using the contact details (phone +370 675 83093 and e-mail hello@odoro-fragrances.com).

9. Final provisions

9.1. The Buyer and the Seller agree that all information provided on the Seller's Web Store web site (including, but not limited to, these Terms, information about the Seller, goods and services offered and their features, services and warranties (if any) shall be deemed to have been given to Buyer in writing.

9.2. All disputes arising from or related tin conditions

9.3. These rules of purchase and sale (hereinafter - the Rules) establish the mutual rights, obligations and liability of the person who purchases the goods in the www.odoro-storo the Purchase and Sale Agreement between the Buyer and the Seller shall be resolved by negotiation. In case of disagreement, the disagreements shall be resolved in accordance with the procedure established by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.