Elements Collection


The ODORO MINI collection is small, playful and stylish home fragrances designed to infuse the smallest spaces with heart-warming aromas.

30 ml mini home fragrance is a great solution for any place that needs to smell - office desk, closet, bathroom, beauty corner or even the hotel room where you stayed. The small capacity allows you to take this fragrance with you to any part of the world!

This is a great non-binding gift for a friend, teacher or colleague.


A fragrance of love, tenderness and a sense of freedom. Fills the space with a symphony of blooming flowers, luxury and inspiration. Like a flower bouquet, it will inspire you to enjoy, dream, relax and remember how indescribably powerful this moment is.

The origin of fragrance - France.

FRAGRANCE NOTES: argan, heliotrope, coconut, honey, anise, vanilla, white musk, tonka beans.


The fragrance of confidence and positive energy. Makes the space fresh and inspiring. It will increase your enthusiasm and determination to do what brings you happiness and pleasant experiences. It will also induce your creativity and stimulate your mind.

The origin of fragrance - France.

FRAGRANCE NOTES: orange, apple, verbena, cinnamon, ginger, mahogany.


A fragrance that fills your space with coziness and gentle elegance. It will hug you with a sweet breath of luxury and comfort. It will inspire you to strive for a little more aesthetics and small things that make life much more beautiful every day.

The origin of fragrance - France.

FRAGRANCE NOTES: sandalwood, rose, jasmine, orange, vanilla, tonka bean, musk.


Exciting, warm and luxurious fragrance that seduces, gives enjoyment, fascinates. Sweetly refreshing, elegant, intriguing with it’s mysterious oriental accords. A scent that invites you to live fully with yourself, your desires and experiences.

The origin of fragrance - France.

FRAGRANCE NOTES: black currant, oak, patchouli, strawberry, orange, jasmine, greenery, cotton candy, iris, flowers, vanilla, tonka bean, musk.

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