Home fragrance refills

Replenishment of home fragrance with sticks is a great solution to replenish your favorite FRAGRANCE. A friendlier solution to nature and a more economical solution to stocking up on the fragrance you love.


Fill your favorite aroma in the available bottle, renew the sticks and enjoy the mood emitted by the scent in your home.

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Dark Charms | Home...

Price €27.00
DARK CHARMS - Seductive intrigue. Expressive and attractive fragrance that charms in the most romantic way. Nice combination of sweet, fresh,...

Majestic Wood | Home...

Price €27.00
MAJESTIC WOOD - Oriental Luxury.   Luxurious and mature fragrance. Voluminous note of oak wood is nicely revealed by tonka and musk, which...

Patchouli Jazz | Home...

Price €27.00
PATCHOULI JAZZ - A Jazzy Mood. A refreshing and stylish fragrance with a dominant note of patchouli will make your nose sensors dance. Fresh and...

Home Fragrance Supplements: Discover a new fragrance for your home

Every corner of the house can be reborn with the right home fragrance. Even your favorite scents evaporate, which is why we offer our customers home fragrance additions that allow you to turn your rooms into an oasis of fragrance that never fades.


Why Choose Home Fragrance Supplements?

Longer Fragrance Duration: Choosing an ODORO fragrance supplement will keep your home smelling fresh and strong for longer.

Economical: Instead of buying new home fragrance diffusers, you can simply refill your existing product and enjoy the fresh scent all over again.

Wide selection of scents: Different scent options allow you to experiment and find what works best for your home.


How to choose the right fragrance complement?

When choosing a fragrance supplement, it is important to consider several factors:

Scent Type: What scent accents do you like the most? Do you prefer fresh or rich notes? Everyone will choose their favorite.

Intensity: Some like very strong scents, others like subtle ones. Choose according to your needs.


ODORO is your reliable partner in home fragrances

In our e-store ODORO you will find a wide range of home fragrance additions. We understand how important the atmosphere of every home is, so we will offer only the best and highest quality products.


Tips for using home fragrance supplements

The right amount of sticks: Use the right amount of sticks so that the scent is not too strong, but not too weak.

Storage: Store fragrance supplements in a cool, dark place to maintain their quality.

Experimentation: Don't settle for just one scent. Try different combinations to find your ideal. Your sense of smell gets used to that smell over time, so changing the smell helps you to smell the aromas better.

A variety of home fragrance additions

When choosing a fragrance that you want to feel in your home for longer, it is important to invest in a quality addition. ODORO offers various options:

Seasonal Scents:

The scent of a summer garden - the delicate aroma of flowers and fruits born in the fields of France will help you relax from stress and everyday worries.

The smell of Christmas - the smell of mandarin, clove and cinnamon will envelop your home in an unforgettable festive mood.


Relaxing scents:

Magnolia - A scent that will help you relax after a hard day's work. For those whose home should smell of harmony and romance.

Sandalwood is an attractive scent for spaces where softness and elegance should dominate.


Energetic scents:

Chili orange - the scent will inspire positivity and positive energy. It will help you look at life optimistically.

Blackcurrant - a scent for spaces that must smell of freshness and positivity.


Benefits of home fragrance supplements

Home atmosphere: The right fragrance helps create a cozy atmosphere that reflects your personal style.

Psychological benefits: Some scents can relax, help you focus, or lift your mood.

Individual choice: With home fragrance additions, you can change and customize scents according to need or season.

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